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2018-2019 Club Team Tryouts

By Texas Coastal Volleyball, 04/25/18, 7:00AM CDT


Tryouts are for Regular Club teams for December-April

Tryouts Times

Register online$40  Walk ups that day $50

May 2nd at Gentry 8th & 9th graders 5:30-8

May 9th at Gentry 6th,7th,10th graders 5:30-8pm

May 22nd at Cedar Bayou Baptist 11th&12 and Make-up 6-8pm

****$250 Deposit is due at tryouts- if you accept to play the check will be processed if you decline or don't make a team the check will be shredded*****

if you leave without leaving a check your daughter's position may not be held!

Club Fees

Blossoms (3rd-6th grade) $650 1st session $250 (online registration) $200 November-December (2payments) 3-4 Tournaments
Local $1380 $250 $250 $170 (5 payments Oct-Feb) 8 Tournaments (no Cross Court) Finish in April
Local 13-14 $1580 $250 $250 $216 (5 payments
Regional $1780 $250 $250 $256 (5 payments (Oct-Feb) 8-10 Tournmants (Finish in late April) all in Greater Houston Area
State $2280 $250 $250 $356 (5 payments Oct-Feb) 9-10 Tournaments (2 state and 6-7 Houston)
National $2660 $250 $250 $360 (6 payments Oct-march) 9-10 Tournaments (1 out of state, 2 in state, 6 local Houston)


“Tryouts” is the process through which players are chosen for various Texas Coastal Volleyball teams. We have evaluators for each position, depending on the number of players trying out for that position. This process consists of written evaluations and observation of the player’s skill practice contexts as well as in game like situations. The evaluators are also looking at a player’s, competitiveness, coachability, attitude and motivation. It is up to the team coaches and evaluators to determine what team the player fits the best. Tryout participants will be given a tryout number.  This is to help identify the players when evaluating their skill and performance. A $250 deposit needs to be left at the desk upon checking in. If you accept to play the deposit will be processed if you decline the check will be shredded.

Private Evaluations is a one-on-one tryout with a Texas Coastal coach. The coach is evaluating and observing the player in the position she is trying out for. As in “tryouts”, the coach is looking for skill level, competitiveness, motivation and coachability. Attending a camp can also be a wonderful way for a coach to see you if you missed a tryout.


All evaluations are obviously subjective – coaches from different clubs, and even within the same club, may disagree on the potential of any given athlete.  At Texas Coastal, coaches understand this and generally try to seek out the opinions of their colleagues within the club when making final roster choices.


Texas Coastal teams are National, State, Regional, Local Maroon and Local Navy. In some cases, there is roster movement from year to year – athletes may have improved a skill set over the previous year, or a coach may be looking to fill a specific position with a new player. Movement between “A” and “B” teams (i.e, between “State” and “Maroon”), where appropriate, is necessary to preclude players and/or their parents from believing that they have a “right” to stay on “their” team even if the player does not possess the requisite skill level to play on the team.  Also, holding on to an unqualified “A” team player is unfair to the “B” team player or new player that deserves to make an "A" team.  

Immediately after the tryouts, coaches make a preliminary assessment and player allocation.  Generally, head coaches of the older age groups make their team choices first.


Age Group Tryout Date Tryout Time Age Qualification
11's May 9th Wednesday@Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2007
12's May 9th Wednesday@Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2006
13's May 9th Wednesday@Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2005
14's May 2nd Wednesday@Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2004
15's May 2nd Wednesday@Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2003
16's May 9th Wednesday @Gentry 5:30-8:00PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2002
17's May 22nd Tuesday @CBB 6:00-7:30PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2001
18's May 22nd Tuesday @CBB 6:00-7:30PM Born on or after Sept 1, 2000
or Born on or after Sept 1, 1999
and a high school student during some part of the current academic year.

For more information and to register, please click the link below 



After the completion of the tryout session. The evaluating coaches and club director will get together and discuss how the teams will be formed. The selected players will receive a phone /personal offer with a team. The family must then accept or decline the offer. Upon acceptance, the $250 non-refundable deposit will be processed. A commitment letter will need to be signed and returned. A Commitment letter will come by email after acceptance. In extenuating circumstances, Texas Coastal reserves the right to selectively begin the process of extending "offers" to chosen players as coaches make roster decisions. 

 If you did not receive a call and have not been offered a spot on a team, please do NOT contact Texas Coastal regarding team roster decisions. While we wish we could provide enough positions for interested athletes, the reality is we do not have the resources to do so, and thus, every year, final cuts must be made. We thank you in advance. We ask all players and parents to respect the decisions made by Texas Coastal Coaches and staff, and encourage all players who do not make a team to seek out alternative volleyball opportunities and always to return the following year.